Woodworkers Take Trees To Treasures

Woodworkers Take Trees to Treasures

Oregon woodworkers take trees to treasures in local parks and recreation initiative. The Coravallis, OR Parks and Recreation department has started a program where they offer downed trees to local woodworkers for a donated project from the wood.

Once the donated projects are given to the city, they offer them for sale and the proceeds go back to Parks and Rec for use in planting new trees and other related projects. Heather Turner from ABC News at KEZI.com reports.

Woodworkers Take Trees to Treasures

Woodworkers Take Trees To Treasures
Local Oregon woodworkers take trees to treasures in a program to recycle downed trees

Instead of chopping the pin oak at Arnold Park to use for firewood, Corvallis Parks & Rec crews hope that local woodworkers will take the tree, and turn it into art.

It’s part of Corvallis’ “Trees to Treasure” program.  Some of the downed trees from last week’s storm could be recycled into finely-crafted heirlooms.

“We were trying to find different outlets for the wood and different uses for it that might come back into the community,” said Corvallis Urban Forester Becky Merja.

When the trees fall, the City will offer them to local woodworkers in exchange for a crafted donation from the wood.

“Some of the pieces are absolutely amazing, we have received everything from bowls and small vases, boxes,” Merja said…

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I think that this is a great way to recycle downed trees while offering wood to local craftsmen the town benefits from their work. More towns should have similar programs for where woodworkers take trees to treasures. Does your town have a program like this? Would you participate in a program like this?


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