woodturning a lampshade

Woodturning A Lampshade

Woodturning a lampshade from a rough log is something that Sören Berger demonstrates in the video he posted on Vimeo. The results are a thing of beauty! Notice how the grain shows from the lights behind and the soft lighting effect it gives off.


 As the Wood Turns: Watch Soren Berger Make a Wooden Lampshade

woodturning a lampshade
A wooden lampshade made by woodturing a rough log done by Soren Berger

File under the time-worn craft category: New Zealand-based woodturner Sören Berger knows his way around a lathe, and—inasmuch as his son Rikki knows his way around a camera—he’s pleased to offer “a small glimpse into making one of my [lamp] shades.”

It’s cool to see the shavings stream from the bit like tickertape, but it seems like an awful lot of scrap for want of a hollow cylinder, beautiful though it may be…

Making of a Shade from Soren Berger on Vimeo.


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In the video he shows the woodturning techniques he uses to make the lampshade. He hollows out the core of the block and cuts out the middle with an electric chain saw. Then finishes the outside and using a lamp to get the right thickness he completes the inside cuts before parting off the whole thing. You can find out more on his Facebook page.

Soren also has a thread creator that he has design which will be available for purchase soon. You can find out more details on his website at http://www.sorenberger.co.nz/.

Woodturning a lampshade is something that all woodturners can aspire to do. With practice and patience you too can turn a wooden lampshade from a log.




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