Woodturner Upgrades His Workshop

A Woodturner upgrades his workshop and installs his new Rikon lathe in this time lapse video. The aspiring woodworker from VI Wood Works posted the following on YouTube.

Woodturner Upgrades His Workshop

I have been planning on getting a better lathe for about a year now and with a nice tax return, I am able to finally upgrade. I bought a Rikon Wood Fast 70-500 with a 20″ swing and a 2 hp motor. I chose this lathe over the rest because of how much you get for the price, all the adapters and rest sizes are common as opposed to say a Oneway in which you have to have two sets of everything if you have two lathes…

I like the rolling stand he made for his tools, just might copy some of that as I am in the process of reorganizing my shop.



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