Chip-O_Tex Woodcarving Event

Woodcarvers Show Their Skills In Texas

Woodcarvers from the Chip-O-Tex woodcarving club got together for their annual woodcarving show Friday. This is the 22nd year that they event has been held. The club has member from the US and Canada meets every Tuesday to spend the day carving and learning from each other. While the club is active throughout the year, the “Winter Texans” who join in from October thru March increase the overall activity.

The member displayed their carvings which included wooden saws, nature scenes, tractors, and other items. I found this article by Danielle Altenburg of the Brownsville Hearld about the event.

Chip-O_Tex Woodcarving Event
Items on display at the Chip-O_Tex

Craftsmen showcase skills in Chip-O-Tex woodcarving exhibit

The creativity of woodcarvers can be seen in the intricacy of their wooden wares, such as clocks, miniature farm tractors, flower arrangements and walking sticks.

Many of these craftsmen and craftswomen gathered Friday for their 22nd annual Chip-O-Tex woodcarving show and displayed their works of art.

The Chip-O-Tex woodcarving club has 50 to 55 members, most of them Winter Texans.

Click here to visit the Brownsville Herald to read the post

Woodcarvers in the group primarily make their carvings from Basswood. One of the members even grows the wood and brings it down from Michigan for the group.

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