Turning Big Wooden Balls

Keith Holamon is turning big wooden balls on a lathe he designed and made. This aspiring woodworker was making balls and they got bigger and bigger and the lathes he was using were not big enough so he made a piece of equipment to handle the size he wanted. On this truck mounted lathe he takes wood that no one wants such as stumps and turns them into beautiful artwork.

Turning A Big Wooden Ball

Big Wooden Ball Project from Mike Leuis on Vimeo.

His work is inspiring, here are some of the comments from around the web.

“Fantastic. Very inspiring even if I’ll never build a massive truck with a massive lathe hanging off of the back of it.”

” Really loved this. Makes my 6″ sphere jig seem puny.”

“There’s something captivating about Keith Holamon and his spending a fortune to create huge wooden balls.”

“I was surprised to see how beautiful the final products were. The process is so rough looking and yet the final pieces are really beautiful.”

I love the look of these wooden balls, the grain is simply amazing! While turning big wooden balls is not something everyone can do, with the right equipment anything is possible.


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Woodturner Upgrades His Workshop

A Woodturner upgrades his workshop and installs his new Rikon lathe in this time lapse video. The aspiring woodworker from VI Wood Works posted the following on YouTube.

Woodturner Upgrades His Workshop

I have been planning on getting a better lathe for about a year now and with a nice tax return, I am able to finally upgrade. I bought a Rikon Wood Fast 70-500 with a 20″ swing and a 2 hp motor. I chose this lathe over the rest because of how much you get for the price, all the adapters and rest sizes are common as opposed to say a Oneway in which you have to have two sets of everything if you have two lathes…

I like the rolling stand he made for his tools, just might copy some of that as I am in the process of reorganizing my shop.



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Woodturning Display At Atlanta Airport

Woodturning Display at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

Woodturning has come to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in the form of a display of works airport’s Atrium. Woodturning artist from from many states in the US and even Great Britain have items on display. The display includes more than 40 pieces  including some made by woodturners Ed Moulthrop, Bob Stocksdale and Rude Osolnik.

The article by Amy Schneider was posted on the Airport’s news site included several photos of the woodturnings.

Woodturning Display At Atlanta Airport
Display of Woodturnings At Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Carving a niche: Exhibit highlights wooden works

Hartsfield-Jackson’s new exhibit in two display cases — titled “Three Pioneers of Contemporary American Woodturning” and “Woodturning as an Art Form” — showcases more than 40 of these wooden artworks in the Atrium. The pieces include bowls of various sizes, vases, candleholders and decorative boxes.

“The pieces in this exhibit demonstrate how artists’ creativity transformed a useful, necessary trade into an outlet for aesthetic beauty,” said David Vogt, Airport Art Program manager. “The quality of the wood is only part of…

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The woodturning display has pieces of all shapes and sizes including some beautiful scent bottles by Stephen Paulsen of California.


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woodturning a lampshade

Woodturning A Lampshade

Woodturning a lampshade from a rough log is something that Sören Berger demonstrates in the video he posted on Vimeo. The results are a thing of beauty! Notice how the grain shows from the lights behind and the soft lighting effect it gives off.


 As the Wood Turns: Watch Soren Berger Make a Wooden Lampshade

woodturning a lampshade
A wooden lampshade made by woodturing a rough log done by Soren Berger

File under the time-worn craft category: New Zealand-based woodturner Sören Berger knows his way around a lathe, and—inasmuch as his son Rikki knows his way around a camera—he’s pleased to offer “a small glimpse into making one of my [lamp] shades.”

It’s cool to see the shavings stream from the bit like tickertape, but it seems like an awful lot of scrap for want of a hollow cylinder, beautiful though it may be…

Making of a Shade from Soren Berger on Vimeo.


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In the video he shows the woodturning techniques he uses to make the lampshade. He hollows out the core of the block and cuts out the middle with an electric chain saw. Then finishes the outside and using a lamp to get the right thickness he completes the inside cuts before parting off the whole thing. You can find out more on his Facebook page.

Soren also has a thread creator that he has design which will be available for purchase soon. You can find out more details on his website at http://www.sorenberger.co.nz/.

Woodturning a lampshade is something that all woodturners can aspire to do. With practice and patience you too can turn a wooden lampshade from a log.




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