table saw safety legislation is proposed

Table Saw Safety Legislation Is Proposed

Table Saw Safety Legislation Is Proposed in California by Assemblyman Das Williams. The bill he introduced would require Sawstop type of technology which would detect flesh and stop the blade with an electronic brake.

Bill Esler of Woodworking Network writes.

Table Saw Safety Legislation Is Proposed

SACRAMENTO, CA – Table saws sold in California after jan. 1, 2015 would need to include flesh-detecting technology integrated to an electronic saw blade brake, under proposed legislation…

…Woodworking equipment and table saw manufacturer Delta Machinery issued a statement on the California legislation:

Many of you have heard about and voiced your opinion in various forums and postings regarding the potential requirement for “Flesh Detecting Technology” on every table saw. Recently,a bill that would REQUIRE this technology on every table saw sold in California (AB 2218 Table Saw Safety Act) was introduced in the California Assembly by Assemblyman Das Williams (D- Santa Barbara).

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table saw safety legislation is proposed
Table saw safety legislation is proposed requiring brakes similar to those made by Sawstop.

We all have our own opinions of this type of legislation. Here at Aspiring Woodworker we has discussed this in the past in our Table Saw Safety Parody On Comedy Central post regarding the CPSC’s proposed safety rules. As you can read in that post, while I feel that the Sawstop technology discussed is great for safety, the government should not tell us we have to have it.

While the comment period for this bill has passed this may be coming to other states. If we hear that other table saw safety legislation is proposed or have more info on the present proposals we will post it here.


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