Table Saw Kickback Video

I had seen this table saw kickback video some time back, but thought it was important that I post it here. In the video Tom Hintz from demonstrates  a table saw kickback as well as what happens when a router table is used improperly.

What really hits home is when the kickback is shown in slow motion. He came very close to having his hand come in contact with the spinning blade.

Table Saw Kickback Video

For years it was thought to be safe or even fashionable to use a table saw without a blade guard or riving knife. If the accompanying video does not make that sound like a dumb way to use this machine there is a better than even chance that you are an idiot. Until today, I was an idiot also for thinking of doing this demonstration but after watching my own video I am cured.
There are many ways of having kickbacks on the table saw but the most common seems to be the wood simply turning towards the blade as it

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After watching the table saw kickback video I thing you will all think a little more about your safety when using a table saw.

A featherboard is a great safety addition for your table saw. I own this magnetic version from Ridgid. It works great and
you can get it now for half the price of the Magswitch model!


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