Workbench Plans

Quick And Easy Workbench Plans

While building a Roubo style workbench may be in every aspiring woodworkers dreams, we all may not have the time or the money to get it done. A set of quick and easy workbench plans may be all you need to make a workbench that will serve you for many years to come.

Using lumber from a big box store along with Simpson strong ties Ethan Hagan show how to build a very functional workbench. His workbench plans are laid out in a informative guest post on The Art Of Manliness website. Utilizing the included materials list along with the detailed photos you should be able to complete the workbench in a few hours.

Quick And Easy Workbench Plans

Your workbench is going to have some key features like a strong, rigid work surface, power for your corded tools or chargers, a shelf to store

Workbench Plans
Overhang protects plug strip on workbench made from these quick and easy workbench plans found on

tools and accessories, and wheels so that you can move about. The materials are going to run about $120 (cheap ≠ quality) and you should…

…Go ahead and feel the solid work surface that won’t bounce when you’re hammering something together. Unlock the casters and move your workbench around the room. Set up a battery charger on the conveniently mounted power strip.

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It looks to me like this would make a very solid and practice workbench. I think that the torsion box top is a great idea. I would probably add an extra sacrificial plywood sheet on top to enable changing that surface as damage happens over time. In addition by using the strong ties the bench will go together in short order and will be fairly accurate and square.

Using these quick and easy workbench plans may not make an heirloom quality bench it is certainly functional. I am using a bench today that my father built over 50 years ago from similar dimensional lumber using old school fastening techniques. I think that building a workbench using these plans and materials it will stand the test of time as well.

If you would like to find more workbench plans as well as have access to thousand of other woodworking plans click here.


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