Live Web Event For Woodworkers

Live Web Event For Woodworkers

There will be a live web event for woodworkers coming from Fine Woodworking on March 2nd. The streaming web event, billed Shop Talk Live will take place this coming Friday at 3:30 PM eastern time.

Fine Woodworking magazine Editor Asa Christiana along with Michael Pekovich, Art Director will be fielding questions from the moderator Ed Pirnik, the Senior Web Producer. Readers are being asked to submit questions for the web event’s debut.

The Shop Talk Live event was announced onĀ

Live Web Event For Woodworkers

Live Web Event For Woodworkers
Live Web Event For Woodworkers from Fine Woodworking - Shop Talk Live

In a bid to better serve our readers and connect with you all even more directly, we’re gearing up to launch a new live stream event that will put our editors in front of the camera on a monthly basis to answer your woodworking how-to questions and even address a few of the comments that…

…That means Asa and Mike won’t have a clue as to what potential zingers the web staff will be lobbing at them during the live stream. Feel free to have fun with this and pitch any woodworking how-to questions you like. This is an open forum, and while we can’t answer or address every potential email that comes across Ed’s computer screen, we’ll do our best to pick the most entertaining, thought-provoking, “woodworky” items.

Click here to read the full announcement from Fine Woodworking

It sounds like the format of this will make the for some interesting possibilities. If you’re an aspiring woodworker who would like to have your questions answered on this live web event for woodworkers presented by Fine Woodworking be sure to get them in right away.


One thought on “Live Web Event For Woodworkers

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Many thanks for helping to spread the word regarding Shop Talk Live. We’re hoping this will allow us to better engage our readers and forge some direct connections.

    One caveat/FYI that I want to spread the word about: although all of our videos are now iPad and iPhone compatible, our live streaming video player is not. That said, our video hosting service has been working on an iDevice-compatible player for these live streaming events and one should roll out in the very near future.

    So these first few broadcasts won’t be viewable on the iPad, but future ones will be.

    Sometimes it feels like Apple Computer is out to get online media!!

    Best to you and your readers,

    -Ed Pirnik

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