How Many Chisels Do You Have?

How Many Chisels Do You Have?

As an aspiring woodworker I own a number of different chisels, how many chisels do you have?  There are specialized chisels for many different purposes as Dennis Laney of A Woodworker Musings explains.

How many chisels do you Have?

How Many Chisels Do You Have?
How many chisels do you have, aspiring woodworkers want to know?

I used to think that my wife simply didn’t understand me when she would widen her eyes and ask, “why do you need so many tools?”.  Then not too long ago a friend came into the shop and asked, “what in the name of all that’s holy do you use all of these different chisels for?”   (His adjectives were actually a little different…

…an English “pigsticker” sash mortise chisel, tanged and heavily shouldered, it is used to “chop” mortises cross grain;  a Continental style sash mortise chisel, hooped, ferruled and washered (still not as durable as the English pigsticker; a large firmer chisel, front and back surfaces are usually parallel (or darned close to it), generally used in heavy work and to align (“register”) the walls of mortises created by boring with a boring machine or brace and bit; a gooseneck or lock mortise chisel, used to clean up the bottom of blind mortises…

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Be sure and spend a little time reading the other posts on Dennis’s site, he does a great job talking about traditional woodworking techniques.

A chisel is one of the most basic tools a woodworker can use, yet they are vital in so many ways. I love old chisels and have a number that I picked up over the years, some are still missing handles that someday I will get around fixing.  So how many chisels do you have, let us know in the comments.


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