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Get Woodworking Week – Update Five

Norm Abram
Norm Abram

It is Friday of Get Woodworking Week but the posts are still coming on strong. On Tom’s Workbench Tom Iovino offers his  link of the week. This week it it to New Yankee Online where you can purchase DVD and plans made by Norm Abram of The New Yankee Workshop.




Link of the week

His show is no longer in production. But, if you ask woodworkers who entered craft from the late 1980s through the late 2000s, you will find a surprising number of them got into woodworking because of Norm Abram and the New Yankee Workshop.

Click here to read the full post at tomsworkbench.com

Norm has always been a favorite of mine, I still watch videos from time to time.

Tom posted links to a number of articles today, see his site for the links. I wanted to share a site that I found that was not on his list. Ross Henton of The Garage Workshop posted about a tool we all have, the hammer.

Wood Mallet
Wooden Mallet made by Ross Henton

Blunt Instruments: Get Woodworking Week

If you look around the internet, you’ll see an enormous amount written about the craft of woodworking, and the one topic discussed more than any other seems to be the Arts and Mysteries of sharpening.  Oilstones, waterstones, strops, grinders, sandpaper, bevel angles, back bevels, no back bevels, square edges, cambered edges, rounded backs… the sheer number of options is overwhelming.  I’m going to stay off that particular subject (too late, I know). I’m going to talk about tools to beat on other tools.

So let’s talk about the lowly hammer. Not always something you think of as a primary woodworking tool, but they’ve come a ways since a piece of rock tied to a stick.


Click Here to read the full article at  bowsaw.wordpress.com

His Get Woodworking Week post is very informative and covers various types of hammers and mallets. I especially like the mallet that he made, looks great!



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