Woodworking In America 2012

Woodworking In America 2012: Registration Now Open

Popular Woodworking announced that the Woodworking In America 2012 conferences registration is now open. The annual woodworking event has been very popular in the past and has sold out. In addition there are bonus activities available for earlybird registrants. Details are available on the event website.

Something new this year the Woodworking In America conferences will be held in 2 locations. There will be a October event in The Los Angeles Area and a November woodworking event in the Greater Cincinnati area.

The registration announcement was made by Popular Woodworking Managing Editor Megan Fitzpatrick.

Woodworking In America 2012: Registration Now Open

Woodworking In America 2012Register now for Woodworking in America 2012 and reserve your spot at the early-bird rate – plus get first dibs on the limited-attendance “extracurricular activities,” including dinner and a private tour at the Gamble House in Calif., and an exclusive visit to White Water Shaker Village in Greater Cincinnati:

WIA West Coast: Oct. 12-14 in Pasadena, Calif., and WIA Midwest: Nov. 2-4 in Greater Cincinnati.

At either or both conferences, you’ll join top woodworkers and toolmakers for three days of skill-building educational workshops on hand-tool techniques, power-tool use, hybrid woodworking, carving, furniture design and more…

Read the full announcement on Popular Woodworking’s website.

In addition the the registration announcement, more details of the featured presenters were offered. Some of the presenters at the west coast woodworking event include David Marks, Mary May, Jim Ipekjian, Adam Cherubini, and Yeung Chan. The east coast presenters include Curtis Buchanan, Paul Schurch, Jeff Miller, and Christopher Schwarz.

Here is a video promo for the Woodworking In America 2012 events.

I have been reading the posts about the previous events since the first year they held one. Everyone who has attended has said that they have been fun and informative and a great time was had. This aspiring woodworker would love to attend one! If you are planning on attending the Woodworking In America 2012 event it would be in your best interest to check out the details on the event website and make your reservations as right away.

Update 6/16/12:

I received an email this morning reminding me that early bird registration is closing soon.

Woodworking in America 2012 is set to bring you another year of excitement! Workshop instructors from all over the country are gearing up to pass on their extensive woodworking knowledge to you. Get ready and get a closer look at the WIA West and Midwest speakers…

…And don’t miss your chance to save $50 off your registration fee-just register before July 27!

Register for WIA West or WIA Midwest today!

Get your registration done soon!



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Woodworking In America

Woodworking in America 2012: Update

Popular Woodworking has posted an update about the Woodworking in America 2012 conferences. As you know there are going to be two conferences this year, one in California with another in the Cincinnati area.

The update yesterday was published by Megan Fitzpatrick.

Woodworking in America 2012: Update

Woodworking In America

We’re busy editing the session descriptions, nailing down the after-hours events and getting contracts out to our expert presenters (you’ll see some new faces among them this year – as well as your favorites from conferences past, of course!).

And we’ll soon (very soon!) be releasing that information to you on our conference web site…

To read the full post click here

Be sure and check back here often, as we will be posting updates as we hear more.


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Live Web Event For Woodworkers

Live Web Event For Woodworkers

There will be a live web event for woodworkers coming from Fine Woodworking on March 2nd. The streaming web event, billed Shop Talk Live will take place this coming Friday at 3:30 PM eastern time.

Fine Woodworking magazine Editor Asa Christiana along with Michael Pekovich, Art Director will be fielding questions from the moderator Ed Pirnik, the Senior Web Producer. Readers are being asked to submit questions for the web event’s debut.

The Shop Talk Live event was announced on  finewoodworking.com.

Live Web Event For Woodworkers

Live Web Event For Woodworkers
Live Web Event For Woodworkers from Fine Woodworking - Shop Talk Live

In a bid to better serve our readers and connect with you all even more directly, we’re gearing up to launch a new live stream event that will put our editors in front of the camera on a monthly basis to answer your woodworking how-to questions and even address a few of the comments that…

…That means Asa and Mike won’t have a clue as to what potential zingers the web staff will be lobbing at them during the live stream. Feel free to have fun with this and pitch any woodworking how-to questions you like. This is an open forum, and while we can’t answer or address every potential email that comes across Ed’s computer screen, we’ll do our best to pick the most entertaining, thought-provoking, “woodworky” items.

Click here to read the full announcement from Fine Woodworking

It sounds like the format of this will make the for some interesting possibilities. If you’re an aspiring woodworker who would like to have your questions answered on this live web event for woodworkers presented by Fine Woodworking be sure to get them in right away.


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Maine Woodworker Hand Crafting Wooden Skis

Maine Woodworker Hand Crafting Wooden Skis

Maine Woodworker Hand Crafting Wooden Skis
Maine Woodworker Hand Crafting Wooden Skis in his Avon workshop - photo from Lucid Skis Facebook Page

Avon Maine woodworker hand crafting wooden skis is finding his way into a niche market by making a quality product. Ian Reinholt of Lucid Skis began building skis after spending three years making furniture on Hawaii’s Lana’i island.

The company which is in its first full production ski season has made around 50 pairs of skis which come in 3 different versions. Each pair takes them about 12 hours to build from rough lumber to finished product and sells for between $800 – $1000.

The author of the following article, Scott Thistle of the Sun Journal recently tried the wooden skis out on Maine’s Saddleback Mountain and wrote about his experience.

Maine Woodworker Hand Crafting Wooden Skis

Reinholt’s nearly all-wood skis are as functional as they are beautiful, according to skiers who have tested them.

Lucid makes three types of skis in various lengths: One is designed for natural snow, one for groomed trails and the third for back-country adventuring. While each is designed with a specialty focus, all three work well on most snow conditions. The brand focuses on skis that work well in the kinds of widely variable conditions seen in New England, Reinholt said.

During a recent outing on the slopes of Saddleback, the skis fetched accolades from other skiers who were fast to comment on the non-flashy design and all-natural look. But the superior performance of the skis on the slopes was what was being talked about by those who tried them.

To read the original article at sunjournal.com click here.

Maine has a long history of woodworkers making wooden skis and Reinholt is doing his part to bring the tradition back. He is hoping to have 150 pairs ready for next year and to eventually make 500 pairs per year bring new jobs to the area.

In this video by Russ Dillingham of the Sun Journal Ian Reinholt and his partner Nick Mukai discuss the processes they use to make the wooden skis.


As a lifelong skier and woodworker I find these wooden skis fascinating and beautiful and would love to take a few runs. If you would like more information about this Maine woodworker hand crafting wooden skis click here for the Lucid Skis Facebook page.

Update 3/16/12 – Lucid Skis will be having free demos of their skis this weekend at Sugurloaf USA in Carrabassett, Maine. Click here to read all about it!

Update 3/23/12 – Check Out These Beautiful Handmade Wooden Skis at Lucid Skis « WSKI TV 17 Sugarloaf Maine
See the video interview with Nick Mukai at http://www.wskitv.com

There’s no denying that modern skis are some pretty impressive technology. Carbon fibers, aluminum, I’m pretty sure mine have pure Kryptonite in them. People today tend to look at wooden skis as a relic, a fun museum piece, but nothing they could ever honestly ski on, and nothing that could match th…


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Chip-O_Tex Woodcarving Event

Woodcarvers Show Their Skills In Texas

Woodcarvers from the Chip-O-Tex woodcarving club got together for their annual woodcarving show Friday. This is the 22nd year that they event has been held. The club has member from the US and Canada meets every Tuesday to spend the day carving and learning from each other. While the club is active throughout the year, the “Winter Texans” who join in from October thru March increase the overall activity.

The member displayed their carvings which included wooden saws, nature scenes, tractors, and other items. I found this article by Danielle Altenburg of the Brownsville Hearld about the event.

Chip-O_Tex Woodcarving Event
Items on display at the Chip-O_Tex

Craftsmen showcase skills in Chip-O-Tex woodcarving exhibit

The creativity of woodcarvers can be seen in the intricacy of their wooden wares, such as clocks, miniature farm tractors, flower arrangements and walking sticks.

Many of these craftsmen and craftswomen gathered Friday for their 22nd annual Chip-O-Tex woodcarving show and displayed their works of art.

The Chip-O-Tex woodcarving club has 50 to 55 members, most of them Winter Texans.

Click here to visit the Brownsville Herald to read the post

Woodcarvers in the group primarily make their carvings from Basswood. One of the members even grows the wood and brings it down from Michigan for the group.

If you are interested in woodcarving, Rockler has a 21 piece starter set complete with how-to DVD and carrying case which presently has a couple of rebates that will apply. Click Here for Details!


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woodworkers from fine woodworking

Woodworkers From Fine Woodworking Event Schedule

Fine Woodworking has released the schedule where and when their contributing woodworkers will be attending events or teaching classes.  There are numerous appearances scheduled throughout the US and Canada with several in Germany as well.

woodworkers from fine woodworkingFine Woodworking On the Road: Come out and see us

Find out where Fine Woodworking frequent contributors (like Christian Becksvoort seen here) are teaching or attending events

Click here to read the schedule at finewoodworking.com

If these events are in your area, be sure and check them out, I am sure you will learn something from these woodworkers from Fine Woodworking.


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woodworking shop gutted by

Woodworking Shop Gutted By Fire

A woodworker from Exeter, NH got a call that none of would want to hear, that his woodworking shop was on fire. Tom Dupre’s shop was destroyed by the fire which 7 area fire deprtments responded to.

As Aaron Sanborn of Seacoastonline.com reports the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

woodworking shop gutted by
Woodworking Shop Fire - Photo by Scott Earwood

Fire Destroys Woodworking Shop In Exeter

The building’s owner, carpenter Tom Dupre, said he built furniture in the building and estimated the damage to be thousands of dollars’ worth of machinery, tools, woodwork and lumber, in addition to the building. “I’ve been spending some time cleaning

…Dupre, who lives elsewhere in town, said he and his father built the woodworking shop in 1984 and the building meant a lot to him. “I’m here every day,” he said.

To read the full article at Seacoastonline click here.

We all need to think about fire safety in our workshops. We work with flammables all the time, there are items and dust everywhere that would quickly fuel a fire if one started. Be sure you have a fire extinguisher available in you woodworking shop!


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woodworking techniques

Simple Traditional Woodworking Techniques

There are many woodworking techniques, using a card scraper is one of the basics all aspiring woodworkers should learn. While the wood scraper is a simple tool it can be very effective for cleaning up and finishing a surface. In a skilled craftsman hand a properly tuned scraper can make a finish so fine that further work is unnecessary.

In this article by Chris Marshall he discusses the satisfaction of using a scraper and tuning process

Satisfaction from the Simplest of Tools

woodworking techniquesIt’s been a while since I’ve worked up a sweat with a scraper, but there’s something really satisfying about it. Cleaning up that surface was an excellent chance to get back to basics with one of woodworking’s simplest tools: a springy piece of steel.

Some people don’t like to sharpen scrapers, but I do. I really enjoy filing and honing the edges and faces flat, then rolling over those fresh new burrs. It’s fun to see a glint of light appear where that tiny hook emerges, then feel it snag your fingernail. Without the snag, you know the burnishing isn’t done.

Click here to read the original post in Woodworkers Journal 

While using power tools can make quick work of the task, using traditional woodworking techniques and simple tools like the card scraper can be very fulfilling. If you would like to learn more about this and other basic woodworking techniques you should have Woodworking Basics: Mastering the Essentials of Craftsmanship By Peter Korn on your bookshelf. This is a great book for all aspiring woodworkers!



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