Woodturning A Cocobolo Bowl

woodturning a cocobolo bowl
The figure in this Cocobolo bowl is something to behold.

Here is a beautiful Cocobolo bowl the woodturning was done by Carl Jacobson of The Woodshop. The grain in the wood is simply spectacular.

Cocobolo is a hardwood found in the tropics of central America. It has a strong odor that comes from it while turning. As he mentioned in the video some people are allergic reactions to Cocobolo so be careful when woodturning this wood if you decide to make use of it. I once made a cane for my Mother in Law with this wood an I had a slight itching reaction to it.

Cocobolo Bowl Woodturning

Here is the video that Carl posted on YouTube showing the woodturning of the bowl.

He has over 150 videos posted on his YouTube Channel. If you are a woodturner you will find plenty of woodturning tips to keep you occupied in your spare time.

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Woodturning The Canadian Way

Woodturning in Canada is done slightly different. The lathe that Crazy Canadian Woodworking uses has 150 horsepower, a special swivel head, variable speed as well as a nice big tool rest. In addition they have some awesome custom made turning tools. You have got to see the video to learn about this high tech method.

Now that is some setup, I would have a hard time getting the lathe down to my basement shop however. I think I will stick to my Jet midi for my woodturning projects.


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