lookout mountain rocker

The Lookout Mountain Rocker

The Lookout Mountain Rocker is made by a family owned Alabama company, Wood Studio, they have been making these for over 30 years. They won the third annual Made in the South Award, here is their story.

Wood Studio – Garden and Gun Magazine from Six Foot Five Productions on Vimeo.

We created this video for Garden and Gun Magazine. Wood Studio won GG’s Made In The South Awards.
To see the article click here: http://gardenandgun.com/article/third-annual-made-south-awards/page/0/1


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woodworker turns junk into art

Woodworker Turns Trees Into Art

There is a woodworker in Mt. Airy, NC who takes trees that others may think as scrap and turns them in to furniture.

Clyde Haymore has been in the woodworking business for thirty years. While his company makes display cabinets and fixtures for retail businesses his real love is turning scrap trees into things of beauty. This woodworker takes local wood that he gets from peoples backyards, tree trimmers and other local sources and makes slab style furniture.

His work has been shipped all over the country and some of his clients include NASCAR legends as well as local wineries.


Local Woodworker Turns Trees Into Art

Woodworker Turns Trees Into Art
This coffee table featured rare burl maple, live edge, walnut bowties, and free-form base.

Sometimes the wood will have a burl in it, where the grain is deformed, so Haymore inlays turquoise to fill the gap. He can customize many of his works to fit what people might want.

“The Good Lord created the trees,” said Haymore. “But I can look at a tree — the more gnarly, the better — and envision the furniture pieces that can come out of it. I get excited just visualizing the beauty I know is in the wood-grain of that tree, and I want to bring that beauty out so that others can enjoy it as a functional work of art. The splendor in an exquisitely figured piece of wood is the canvas God gives me to work on, and I love to showcase that beauty by adding inlays, including turquoise and other stones, hand-cut bow ties, and even real leaves.”

Haymore said the work he is doing truly employs sustainable lumber practices.

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In this video from Fox 8 News he discusses his wood stock and shows some of the rough wood he works from. He also talks about some of the details that go into his tables including the turquoise inlay work he does.

The beauty in the wood that he finds really show in his work. I have always had a love for burls and much of his furniture is made from these highly figured woods.

See more from this aspiring woodworker on his website Wood Genius.


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